Why I’m Obsessed With Saving Money Through Digit

This is not an ad, I swear!

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon the app, Digit. I created an account sometime in early 2018 after searching the internet for reviews and some peace of mind that this app was legit and wasn’t going to drain my bank account. Over a year later and I’m more than pleased with the results.

Digit is an app that connects to your bank account and tracks your spending habits. From there it uses an algorithm to put aside small amounts every day. You can set different goals like saving for a trip, paying off credit card debt, or stick to their default category “Rainy Day.”

I have saved thousands of dollars by doing literally nothing. Every day I get a text update from Digit with a cute “hello” and an update on the balance in my checking account. You can respond asking what made your checking account increase and decrease and it’ll quickly respond with recent transactions. You can pause it whenever you want and you can also set a limit so it doesn’t withdrawal when your bank account is under a certain amount.

Yes, you could set up auto transfer through your bank into your savings account. However, because of the way Digit is programmed, some days you save even more than others. I have not noticed once that they pulled too much. Which they also say they will reimburse your overdraft fee if they mess up. There’s an additional option to set up overdraft protection that will trigger Digit to deposit money into your account automatically when you get below a set amount.

Did I mention you get a 1% savings bonus every 90 days? The more you save, the more you receive.

Is my money safe? Digit lists on their site that the money is held at FDIC insured banks so you’re covered up to $250k. They also list that your data is secured by 256-bit encryption.

Digit is free for the first 30 days and then $2.99 after. It’s so worth it!