My Makeup Must-Haves

I’ve been wearing makeup daily since I was a pre-teen.

My mother sold Mary-Kay so half of our finished basement consisted of stocked shelves of product. My mother never gave me a specific age that I was allowed to wear makeup. If I wanted to then she would be there with me to make sure I didn’t leave the house with blue eyeshadow (distastefully) on. This began my love for makeup!

Concealer: Dermablend Quick Fix


I’ve been using this concealer for a few years now. It works wonders. You know those videos of makeup artists covering up a full tattooed person? THIS IS WHAT THEY USE.

I’ve struggled with acne since my body decided to sprout boobs at 13 years old. Especially as a teenager I would refuse to leave the house because I hated how bad my face was broken out. If I had this I would’ve agreed to many more outings with my family. (or I would’ve remained a homebody glued to her computer still.)

I use it under my eyes to lighten up the dark circles and a little on red spots that remain to plague my existence. It stays and doesn’t rub off easily. I LOVE it.

Foundation | Powder: Mary Kay’s Mineral Powder


Because of my ever-persistent acne, I stopped using your average liquid foundation as a teenager. My already oily face didn’t need another product to make me look “dewy.” This mineral powder not only evens out your skin tone but is already set because hello, magical powder! If I’m ever in a hurry or not in the mood to wear a ton of makeup, I’ll just brush this on quickly so I look somewhat put together.

Eyeshadow Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion


I think almost everyone I know owns this and knows it’s hard to live without once you use it. I struggle with allergies which leads to itchy and/or watery eyes. My eyeshadow was basically nonexistent by noon. This hasn’t been an issue since using this primer. A little goes a long way so don’t be deterred by the price tag for this small-seeming tube.

Eyebrows: Anastasia Eyebrow Wiz


Sometimes I like to go through my old videos to watch the evolution of my eyebrows. From child-like to thick to pencil thin and nearly nonexistent and then back again to trying to get some shape somewhere on my face. Ha! Before I got my eyebrows micro-sculpted last year, I lived off of Anastasia’s eyebrow wiz pencil in taupe. It seriously saved my life. They also have an eyebrow shaping stencil kit that has done wonders for the days that I couldn’t figure out a shape for anything.

Face Setting Spray: Urban Decay Setting Spray


As I mentioned above, my face is super oily and my eyes get super watery so makeup tends to come off during the day. Urban Decay’s setting spray has done wonders for me to avoid that issue. I no longer worry about my makeup sweating off on hot days or my makeup wearing off from just existing.