I’m Not A Homebody Because I’m Married

I’m not a homebody because I’m married. I’m a homebody because I enjoy being home.

When I got engaged at 19, I expected and prepared to receive lots of unwanted opinions and “advice.”

When I got married at 20, I expected and prepared to receive more eye-rolls and shocked faces when I referred to Kaleb as “my husband.”


Now at 22, I still receive the eye-rolls, unwarranted opinions and advice but I wasn’t prepared to be viewed as like, old. 

I look back and see where I’ve grown as a person, with and without Kaleb. My thoughts and habits have changed about as much as my likes and dislikes have changed since 19.

19 year old me, babyface x2 (and thank God for microblading)

With Kaleb:

  • It’s no longer a question of “What do want for dinner?” It’s, “Hey babe, do you have an opinion on what we should eat tonight?”
  • When I was 18, I’d book my flight and say “see ya!” to everyone the day I left. I travel without Kaleb sometimes but I still keep him in the loop on travel plans and arrangements before I book anything. This goes for taking off to Nashville to running errands that same day. In a marriage, the world doesn’t revolve around you, it revolves around both of you as a unit.

Without Kaleb:

  • I hated wearing lipstick years ago and now I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to plump my lips more so I can wear brighter colors boldly. My husband apparently still likes me either way. 
  • I used to eat Kitkats like there was no tomorrow and roll my eyes even harder at the thought of going to the gym. Now I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been when it comes to eating right and exercising. (Thanks, TIU!) My husband eats the opposite and loses weight when he does so. Life isn’t fair! 

However, through all the changes over the years, one constant remains. I am and have always been a homebody.

love being at home. Even before I moved out of my mother’s house, I wanted to be at home (in my room with wifi but all the same!).

Hanging out in my mom’s living room in high school

I host parties, movie nights, and other gatherings at our home because of course I love hosting our friends but selfishly, I’d rather be at our house. 

Party at our house last summer (MISSING JILL)

Kaleb and I often prefer swapping date nights out for full days at home watching crime shows, doing puzzles, cuddling our dogs, and talking for hours. Yeah, he’s my soulmate!

While I love being at home, I’m also down to go out too. Ask me to brunch with mimosas and I’m your gal!

But since I got married, my love for being a homebody has been tested. I get left out of social invites because:

I am married but I am still my own person. I prefer being home because I enjoy it. It’s a plus that my husband works from home of course but that isn’t the only reason why I’d rather be home. My dogs are there too!

I’ve struggled with keeping my own identity since marrying my Bran Hambric author, Twilight Guy, news correspondent, social media influencer – husband. People are so quick to assume because you’re married that you want to settle down and be boring when marriage is quite the opposite, especially when you’re in your 20s! 

Just because I’m married doesn’t mean all of my thoughts and opinions revolve around living that (house)wife life. I choose to be home because I want to be not because my husband keeps me there.

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