Nation Movie Nights: Love Actually

It’s week 2 of our 3rd annual Nation Christmas Movie Nights! This week we’re watching a classic British rom-com. If you’d like to read about week one, click here!

Week 2: Love Actually

I haven’t actually seen this entire movie before. My friend, Montse, is obsessed. So obsessed that we decided to drink every time she spoke in a British accent. Haha!

Here’s what we decided to snack on this week:

  • Chai Tea Cookies
    • I’ve made these before (thank you T-Swift) and they were sooo good and the “tea” aspect feels on theme for this movie.
      • How to:
        • Follow the directions of your choice of sugar cookie mix then add two bags of chai tea, mix and bake.
  • My Mom’s Cucumber Sandwiches 
    • You end up cutting these into cute TEA-SIZED sandwiches so again, on theme. 
      • Click HERE for the recipe!
  • Spicy Cranberry BBQ Meatballs
    • These flew out of the bowl so fast that I didn’t get a photo of them!
      • Click HERE for the recipe!
  • Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Tacos 
    • YEP, THEY’RE BACK! Of course we had to get them and celebrate! Kaleb and I visited Taco Bell’s HQ this past Thursday for Friendsgiving so we were craving it a little bit more than usual.

This is the first time I’ve made it all the way through the movie, it was better than what I was expecting! This was also the first movie I think we all collectively listened well and stayed put on the couch. Ha! Our attention spans are apparently a little limited…

Next week is The Grinch so you know I’m excited to get together a menu for Who-ville!