Nation Movie Nights: The Grinch

It’s week 3 of our 3rd annual Nation Christmas Movie Nights! This week we’re visiting Who-Ville! If you’d like to read about week one, click here, if you’d like to read about week two, click here.

Week 3: Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

For my family, this movie is a must for Christmas time!

Here’s what we decided to snack on this week:

  • Roast BEAST Sandwiches 
    • These were a hit!
      • Easy to follow recipe here.
  • Red Velvet Banana Bread 
    • I think I over-cooked this so be wary Lol!
  • A Grinchmas Cocktail
    • Recipe:
      • 2 oz Midori
      • 1 oz lemon juice
      • 1 pump simple syrup (I used Vanilla Amoretti Premium Syrup)
  • Garlic “In Your Soul” Rolls 
    • Freezer section, sorry, I’m lazy!

I completely forgot to take photos in between cooking the sandwiches and mixing cocktails, oops!

While watching we decided to drink every time they said “who,” although I think after the first 10 minutes we were over it. Haha!

Next week we’ll be watching Elf. It’s my favorite Christmas movie ever and I can’t wait to wear my tacky Christmas sweater for it!