Making videos on YouTube began suddenly and seemingly ended suddenly for me. I was a 12 year old kid with a webcam and an adoration for her little sister. So on that day, the 16th of June in 2007, “Sister singing Oscar Mayer song” went live on the channel, bfftaylor.

I had no idea if I’d ever upload another video.  I just loved logging on to watch cat  videos and music videos without the commercials that were on TV.

Fast forward to having spent 10+ years posting content and a couple more years later…Life is still as unpredictable.

I’m so grateful for that time in my life. Making videos shaped me into the still weird af adult I am today. It led me to my husband and moving across the country. It’s because of it all that I get to live my best life: married to my best friend, dog mom of 2, teaching pilates while living in our cute little home.

So here is my first video in a couple years. I’ve cried about a dozen times from excited-ness to nervousness over I’m not even sure what?